Fitting Service

All patio awnings are installed by our experienced, professional installation team.

A survey will be carried out at your property prior to manufacture, ensuring the awning location and position is suitable. We will advise the length and projection of the awning confirming the model, fabric and power options.

Our installation team are fully insured, house proud and will tidy away after the installation.

Preparing fitting for Patio Awning Installation

Recommended 300mm spreader plate and bracket

Standard 150mm bracket

We would highly recommend that our awnings are installed with 300mm spreader plates, these are pre-machined, drilled & powder-coated to match the colour of the awning cassette and brackets. These ensure the awning is fitted with nine fixings per bracket, as opposed to four, and spreads the weight of the awning over a larger surface area of brickwork. The majority of the spreader plates are concealed behind the awning and are barely noticeable once fitted.

If a customer insists on using standard 150mm brackets alone, then no warranty will be provided should the brickwork fail in the area of the brackets. If ‘spreader plates’ are needed during installation with standard brackets, then these will be fitted at a cost of £99 per bracket. However, if any symptoms occur after the awning has been installed, then a full installation fee will be charged to carry out the remedial works, plus the cost of the spreader plates.

Very rarely there can be unexpected weakness in the brickwork/wall of your property, where the awning is to be located. Although all drilling and fixing is carried out with the utmost of care, occasionally a brick may crack or there may be a weakness in the direct area, meaning that the awning would not be safe to install with the use of our standard fixing brackets / spreader plates. This brick/solid wall weakness can be detected during the initial installation, but sometimes it can occur shortly after installation. This issue can usually be overcome by manufacturing further bespoke brackets / supports that will secure the awning safely. In this exceptionally rare event we will work with you to advise and install the correct solution to resolve the issue and give you full peace of mind. Although the aesthetics of the awning are very important to us, safety will always be our No. 1 priority.

Electric awnings

Electrical works include a surface mounted RCD spur adjacent to the nearest available power point. This will be wired to an external connection box adjacent to the awning. All wiring will include surface mounted trunking to conceal the cabling.

If the customer would prefer the RCD spur & wiring recessed/concealed, further costs will be incurred. These additional costs will be quoted after a survey has been carried out.